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Someone is Documenting the Channel


marvin1> okey
Letrulos> asl pls if u wont mind
marvin1> 25/m cebu have a pic at facelink.com/arian1
marvin1> my name is marvin rosello
marvin1> im amerisian
Letrulos> hav u seen me already?
marvin1> no
marvin1> not yet
Letrulos> how did u know my name
marvin1> just observing ur conversation
Letrulos> which ones?
Letrulos> and what have you come up with?
marvin1> nothing just to be friend
Letrulos> sure noprobs
marvin1> and have a case study about this channel
Letrulos> ok. what kind of?
Letrulos> scholastic purposes?
Letrulos> or at work
marvin1> im making a case study about this channel
Letrulos> whats the rationale behind.
marvin1> its my work
Letrulos> ok, u can ask anything about this channel my boss told me about this
Letrulos> i will be of help
Letrulos> ok, wats the rationale by the wa
Letrulos> ok, wats the rationale by the way
Letrulos> for ur case studies.
marvin1> okey cool
Letrulos> go ahid. share ur piece arian
marvin1> its for magazine
Letrulos> local?
marvin1> and print adds
Letrulos> but pls dont quote me on this using my name or nick ok
marvin1> abroad
Letrulos> can we agree on that?
marvin1> okey
marvin1> u can count on me
Letrulos> no names pls.
Letrulos> but it would be good a personal interview will do
Letrulos> what do u wanna know?
marvin1> everything here is unknownymous unless with the consent of the person
Letrulos> id stay anonymous.
Letrulos> no description for that matter.
marvin1> they might sue us if we publish without truth
Letrulos> i sure will be the one to do it.
Letrulos> :)
Letrulos> Journalist's Code of Ethics is pretty up today.
Letrulos> So exercise with due diligence and tact.
Letrulos> :)
Letrulos> Ok. go ahead with what you have in mind.
Letrulos> Pls type fast.
marvin1> sorry if i type slow
Letrulos> Ah oki.
Letrulos> So what now.
marvin1> i was having a video confrencing with somebody
Letrulos> So where will this conversation go.
Letrulos> Is there something i could be of help to you
marvin1> we already documented some files about this channl
marvin1> people here do go out and have some sex after chatting
Letrulos> YOu mean the channel logs ?
Letrulos> Or what have you?
Letrulos> How did you collate the data?
marvin1> we sometimes spy and monitor some people
Letrulos> How many times have you visited in this channel?
marvin1> if thier conversation is fact or fiction
Letrulos> Ok, was i included there?
Letrulos> lol
marvin1> we r just here observing
Letrulos> Was i part of it?
Letrulos> Or even this now?
marvin1> anyway we have secrecy
marvin1> i said we hack
Letrulos> hacking is an overrated word.
Letrulos> wrong term usage.
Letrulos> The term there is STALKING
Letrulos> invading on the privacy of others.
Letrulos> :)
marvin1> okey
marvin1> anyway u have my email add
marvin1> if u have problems we can help u
Letrulos> Problems?
Letrulos> What kind of?
marvin1> u can reach us also
Letrulos> I dont have any psychological problems
Letrulos> none whatsoever.
marvin1> us for now i have to go because well check somebody
marvin1> okey bye
Letrulos> The channel manager had asked me to help take care of the channel with the assistance of his chosen ones.
Letrulos> in terms of order, welfare or whathaveyou.
marvin1> okey
Letrulos> And making sure the welfare of the users are addressed, if they need help
Letrulos> whether technical or on a personal guidance level.
marvin1> thanks clee
Letrulos> You are most welcome arian.
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murag correct... :)


November 4 2001, 19:24:16 UTC 16 years ago

nice conversation you got there.. id definitely wanna know who's documenting about this channel. anyway, some of the things may be true but not all. i for one have met alot of chatters from bi-cebu but so far i havent tried having sex with them. maybe its in me, i just wanna get to know them and befriend with them. relationships, as in getting a lover, i havent tried too. well i did have but not a chatter. i have observe "na parang sila rin ang nagpapalitan."



April 1 2002, 11:18:29 UTC 15 years ago

ARIAN... Who gave birth to you? Your the ugliest amerasian that lived.